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The Best Time to Visit Lindos is Between June and September

If you’re planning a trip to the stunning town of Lindos in Greece, it’s important to choose the ideal time to make the most of your visit. The best months to experience all that Lindos has to offer are between June and September. During this period, you can enjoy warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and a vibrant atmosphere that truly showcases the beauty of this historic destination.

Sunshine and Rainfall

Lindos experiences a Mediterranean climate, which means long, hot summers and mild winters. If you’re seeking blue skies and an abundance of sunshine, then June, July, August, and September are your go-to months. During this period, Lindos benefits from up to 12 hours of sunshine per day, making it perfect for exploring the town’s ancient ruins, magnificent Acropolis, and charming narrow streets.

However, it’s important to note that with the intense heat comes a limited amount of rainfall. If you prefer to avoid rain during your trip, it’s best to visit between June and August when precipitation levels are at their lowest. September may have slightly higher rainfall, but it shouldn’t significantly affect your experience.

Best Time to Be on the Beach

Lindos is renowned for its picturesque beaches, so if you’re a sun seeker or water sports enthusiast, you’ll want to hit the coast during the ideal months. June and September offer warm sea temperatures, reaching an average of 23-25°C (73-77°F), while July and August offer the warmest waters, peaking at around 26-28°C (79-82°F). During these months, you can dive into the crystal-clear waters, relax on the golden sandy shores, or explore the hidden coves surrounding Lindos.

So, whether you want to soak up the summer sun, immerse yourself in the rich history, or enjoy the stunning beaches, the best time to visit Lindos is between June and September. Be prepared for warm temperatures, lots of sunshine, and a memorable holiday experience.


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